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Theresa May failed because of her inability to talk Human


She is at rest, and no longer Prime Minister. At least after 7 June. What a relief. For her, no doubt. For her spaniel-like compan…

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Starting a Friday Conversation at the RSA


There have been interesting conversations going on in John Adam Street for almost 250 years. The Royal Society for the Encourageme…

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Why it pays to talk Human


This article first appeared as a guest blog on the pages of Comms Leaders, here. Many thanks for the platform, Vicki and team. –…

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Corporate news releases bogged down by fuzzy language, jargon, and men


National Storytelling Week is the Society for Storytelling’s annual jamboree of all things story. And, as for each of the last fou…

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Separated by a common language and still poles apart?


Why the media industry is out of step with the modern mainstream, why this matters, and what to do about it   Last week, I wa…

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Reflections on the state of the art in media research


Bar the gala dinner this evening, the curtain has just fallen on the Media Research Group’s biennial overseas conference in Bratis…

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Why evidence matters and how to make it matter more


During the EU referendum campaign, Brexiteer Michael Gove scoffed that “people in this country have had enough of experts – with t…

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Zucker time or time to take in Berners-Leesy?


This blog first appeared on the Small Data Forum podcast website, heralding October 2018’s Episode 22. The latest episode of the S…

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Have we reached peak PR in the age of earned?


Some reflections on the 2018 PRCA National Conference BAFTA is a great place for a conference. It’s some years now that 195 Piccad…

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