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Measurement, shmeasurement

March 3, 2017

Twice during yesterday’s excellent PRmoment.com #PRanalytics conference, the verboten three-letter acronym AVE was used. On both occasions, there was a sharper intake of breath than when one speaker, during a panel session, spelled out the C-word. In full. AVE. Advertising Value…

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Flying Carpet Car

I’ve seen the future of learning – and I like it

November 22, 2016

Through persistence, making enquiries at the right time, and a healthy dose of good luck, I was privileged to attend last month’s RSA President’s Lecture. I was pleased to do so in this, the first year of my Fellowship of…

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Donald and Boris

Why yes/no questions can yield surprising answers

July 25, 2016

Was the Iraq war caused by the West’s desire to control access to Middle Eastern oil? Do you want this man or that woman as your leader for the next four to eight years? Should we stay or should we…

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Swatch 08

Insight from the front line

September 21, 2015

A large department store chain decided that it was time for a refresh of the seats in the footwear section of its shops, with a store in the Midlands pencilled in as a pilot for the new design. The new…

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