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Donald and Boris

Why yes/no questions can yield surprising answers

July 25, 2016

Was the Iraq war caused by the West’s desire to control access to Middle Eastern oil? Do you want this man or that woman as your leader for the next four to eight years? Should we stay or should we…

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Swatch 24

The art of marketing has a scientific chip on its shoulder

February 29, 2016

Modern marketers are increasingly turning to science to give their art the legitimacy they clearly believe it’s lacking. It’s a rare client briefing these days that doesn’t include a perspective from a behavioural economist, an econometrician or a cognitive neuroscientist….

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Swatch 10

Carry a big stick

October 22, 2015

Fear seems a very negative way to sell things. And yet all the evidence from behavioural economists shows that people will do more to protect what they have already got than they will do to acquire more. Most news stories…

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How to motivate behaviour change

October 14, 2015

A version of this blog first appeared in the pages of B2B Marketing, posted online here. This is the first in a regular, quarterly series linking psychology and marketing, flying under the banner of I’m Still Thinking. Thanks for the…

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