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Flying Carpet Car

I’ve seen the future of learning – and I like it

November 22, 2016

Through persistence, making enquiries at the right time, and a healthy dose of good luck, I was privileged to attend last month’s RSA President’s Lecture. I was pleased to do so in this, the first year of my Fellowship of…

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3 clues that Big Data might be Old News #SmallDataForum

May 18, 2016

I had the very great pleasure of co-hosting a roundtable on data and insight for LexisNexis yesterday with one of pioneers of podcasting and all things digital, Neville Hobson, @jangles, now an integral part of IBM’s social consulting team. Refreshingly…

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Swatch 24

The art of marketing has a scientific chip on its shoulder

February 29, 2016

Modern marketers are increasingly turning to science to give their art the legitimacy they clearly believe it’s lacking. It’s a rare client briefing these days that doesn’t include a perspective from a behavioural economist, an econometrician or a cognitive neuroscientist….

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Swatch 03

The geek shall inherit

Few companies have done more over the past 20 years – and frankly ever – to turn Big Data into insights that inspire evidence-based action than dunnhumby. Before they helped Tesco create its Clubcard and methodically predict customer shopping behaviour,…

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