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How to motivate behaviour change

October 14, 2015

A version of this blog first appeared in the pages of B2B Marketing, posted online here. This is the first in a regular, quarterly series linking psychology and marketing, flying under the banner of I’m Still Thinking. Thanks for the…

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Swatch 05

How your words shape what people think about you

October 8, 2015

Words are powerful things, and it’s in your gift to use them to shape what others think about you. More than that. It’s your responsibility to do so. This is true of companies, of brands and of organisations, every bit…

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Swatch 22

About “About Us” pages

October 1, 2015

About Us pages. They’re often the first place people look when they start to consider your organisation seriously. Here are some tips to make them that bit more meaningful. What should you say? You: Like it or not, we are all…

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Swatch 11

Why good writing matters

August 12, 2015

Founder & MD of Insight Agents, Sam Knowles, pens a personal paean to Steve Pinker, Harvard psychology professor, one of the most accessible serious scientists to have crossed over into the mainstream without compromising his academic integrity. In the process,…

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Which party deserves my vote?

It’s the afternoon after the night before. Paxman attacked Cameron on policy, Miliband on personality (that “Are you alright, Ed?” jibe on camera was beneath Paxo, though Ed’s riposte “Yeah, are you, Jeremy?” gave it the contempt it deserved). And…

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Strive for conscious competence in every sentence you craft

Fresh threat of Newspeak as General Election verbiage piles up   Simple, clear words are attractive. The obfuscatory lexicon is to be avoided at all costs. Which sentence do you prefer? My trade is that of the corporate storyteller, helping…

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Swatch 26

Impactful corporate storytelling demands singular stories, not schizophrenia

Remember when you were a kid? Something had gone wrong. You were involved, and someone was going to be angry. A teacher, a parent or a sibling. But you weren’t seen, and to minimise repercussions you crafted a version of…

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Swatch 03

The geek shall inherit

Few companies have done more over the past 20 years – and frankly ever – to turn Big Data into insights that inspire evidence-based action than dunnhumby. Before they helped Tesco create its Clubcard and methodically predict customer shopping behaviour,…

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Swatch 05

How to be a better brand storyteller: the five golden rules

This week is the Society for Storytelling’s 15th annual National Storytelling Week. Events to mark this promotion of the oral tradition of storytelling take place in schools, museums, bookshops and pubs across the country. If I get my way, the…

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Swatch 06

When storytelling goes bad – a guest blog for PRmoment

(This blog originally appeared on 17 November 2014 as guest blog on PRmoment. Thanks for the platform, Ben!). On this coming Thursday, PRmoment is hosting an event on storytelling: “The role of public relations as a content provider”. And quite…

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