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Winning awards in the time of Covid


Last night, it really did come home. And not just England reaching the final of Euro 2020(1) by seeing off Denmark in extra time….

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The megaphone solution to grab COVID headlines?


Press conferences held at Downing Street during the pandemic will provide future generations of researchers with a rich vein of ev…

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A nightmare on Downing Street


A cautionary tale of how to fail at data storytelling – with a few jokes thrown in During the hastily cobbled-together press confe…

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How to be insightful


This Best Practice Guide to data storytelling originally appeared on WARC – the World Advertising Research Center database run by…

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On black holes, blackjack, and data storytelling


When you type “Data science is the new …” into Google, although the search engine doesn’t return “rock ‘n’ roll”, its top two sugg…

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Facebook, GDPR, brand safety – suddenly it’s 2018 all over again


This blog was originally post on www.smalldataforum.com — For understandable reasons, the last four, regular monthly episodes of…

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Unleash your inner Archimedes – and take timeout


As the world moves tentatively out of lockdown and into to a new and sometimes unfamiliar version of its former self, all differen…

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Welcome to the world, “How To Be Insightful”


Today, Tuesday 26 May 2020, marks the official publication date of my new book – How To Be Insightful: Unlocking the Superpower th…

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Language of Brexit was surprisingly clear


EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION OR BROADCAST UNTIL 00:01 ON FRIDAY 31 JANUARY 2020 — Much of the language used by politicians to talk a…

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