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Moving from data to insight and from insight to action


There are different types of organisations in this world and those different types of organisations – be they businesses, charitie…

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“2023: The Year In Numbers” , the annual data storyteller’s New Year quiz So, if you’ve got here, you’re after the answers to the…

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“2023: The Year In Numbers”


The annual data storyteller’s New Year quiz Every Christmas Eve, my family and two others gather together for a seasonal celebrati…

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Why insight and analytics professionals aren’t doomed by AI


For years, many knowledge economy workers have felt a sense of unease about the prospect of artificial intelligence taking their j…

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From Greg Rusedski’s practice partner to Van Gogh Alive


This blog first appeared here on the website of the Brighton Chamber. Insight Agents’ Chief Data Storyteller, Sam Knowles, goes on…

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Podnosticators are go!


Good things often come about from happy accidents. The Small Data Forum is one of those things. Thrown together for a chance, corp…

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The Home Secretary’s repeated data storytelling fails


There are many things one could say about Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, and her carefully-chosen words, designed to capture he…

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In praise of Motty – it was 25 years ago today


On Thursday this week, I was working in and around BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane, White City, West London. I’m spending more and more…

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ChatGPT – the perfect apprentice for the data storyteller


There’s a whole lot of panic going on about ChatGPT, particularly among those who write for a living. Those who write copy, those…

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