At Insight Agents, we research and craft brand language, creating the words to tell your company’s story better. This often comes in the form of a Brand Language Playbook, with themes and language developed by a combination of interviews with leaders and in-depth analytics of social and digital media in your category.

A playbook typically includes a Message House, a Manifesto, a Cocktail Party Pitch, a Pledge Card and Tone of Voice guidelines. It gives everyone inside your organisation the tools, confidence and permission to communicate more effectively.

We captured Dawn Capital’s spirit of “restless enquiry”, enabling its “smart, tenacious and involved entrepreneurs” to compete again in a cut-throat sector with renewed energy.

We convinced Freedom Brewery to champion their pioneer status behind “the truly iconic British lager”, marking the brand out as “the only credible alternative to the mainstream”.

And, pro bono, we enabled Lewes Youth Theatre to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes as “the birth of English democracy” in a three-day festival of music, theatre “and medieval Big Brother”.