Well-chosen words are a vital component of compelling brand positioning, particularly in business-to-business, where clear articulation of the purpose, value and role of the company is often dashed off hastily, carelessly or not at all. Insight Agents work with clients direct and in partnership with other creative agency partners to give brands more considered, dynamic and human positioning.

We helped “professional, preferred and precise” Addison Lee claim the mantle of “the world’s finest cab experience that customers choose time and again”, and celebrated its enduring entrepreneurial spirit as “a 40 year-old start-up”.

We worked with the internal and external communications functions at the global HQ of leading pharma business Novartis to change fundamentally their approach to corporate and brand storytelling. The focus shifted from financial performance and drug innovation to the impact the company’s drugs have in helping people – real, identified people – live longer, healthier lives.

And we enabled “rave meets meditation” group Danceitation to shed its hippie past and revel in its “funked-up fusion of dance and mindfulness”, celebrating its march on the mainstream as “an alcohol- and drug-free dose of wholesome hedonism”.