The ability to tell stories about what you do, clearly, succinctly and with panache takes skill and discipline. To trigger interest and start a sustainable conversation, case studies need to be punchy yet sober, and to resist the temptation to baffle readers with technical detail.

Insight Agents craft case studies that tell the story of the business in a coherent and consistent way. Our case studies are typically no more than 450 words long, and typically cover campaign objectives, our client’s approach, and the measurable, tangible business outcomes.

For Pfizer’s Enterprise Multi-Channel Marketing team (eMCM), we developed a template, training materials and the first half-dozen case studies to tell the story of the company’s internal marketing function, servicing all the company’s brands across the world. We also created individual and team profiles of eMCM’s global and regional leadership to make heroes of what had been an underexposed, hidden asset.

Ebiquity is a marketing performance management company that has grown through acquisition; what was a collection of separate companies with their own founder-entrepreneur narratives is now an array of practices measuring efficiency and effectiveness across paid, earned, and owned media. For Ebiquity’s Global Marketing Team, we developed a unified approach, methodology and template for the company’s case studies. We worked with client partners and their senior clients to research, draft and approve the first dozen case studies. And we created training materials and guidelines to enable team members to write their own case studies in the approved house style.

We are currently working with the largest drama-based learning organisation in Europe to capture the company’s unique and transformational impact of applying the crafts of the actor and director to interpersonal business challenges. More news soon.