Insight Agents are delighted to be sponsors of I-COM’s Data Creativity Awards. I-COM is the world’s leading association helping its members achieve competitive advantage in smart data marketing. Our purpose at Insight Agents is to help companies create powerful and purposeful stories with data.

Our partnership with I-COM provides brands and agencies entering I-COM’s Data Creativity Awards with access to Insight Agents’ Founder & MD, Sam Knowles and his team, to make the narrative of your data-driven entries more compelling and more persuasive. Sam is author of Narrative by Numbers, published in 2018 to critical acclaim by Routledge, and a sought-after speaker and trainer in data-driven storytelling.

For a first conversation about how Insight Agents can help you make your entry to the Data Creativity Awards more entertaining, readable, and impactful – for the general audience not just the data-savvy – email Sam at

Narrative by Numbers shows readers how to do what its title promises: tell powerful and purposeful stories by using data and statistics as the foundations … Overall, it provides the tools, permission, and confidence to use data with more impact when crafting stories, and shows how powerful the combination can be.”

Book review in Admap (WARC), July-August 2018