For many companies and brands, particularly business-to-business, the social and digital media revolution has generated more heat than light. Insight Agents work with companies and communications consultancies to develop digital media analytics tools and reporting frameworks designed to extract maximum insights from the relevant Big Data content – Little Big Data, we call it – that matters to companies and brands. While very much at home with enterprise-scale data sets, we specialise in qualitative analytics.

While working with a social media-first communications agency, we developed a social and digital media analytics platform and regular reporting cycle for 130 Procter & Gamble brands in 15 markets across nine languages, including Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

And in partnership with an innovative strategy consultancy, we are developing an analytics platform designed to make sense of conversation and context across any available mediated source of content. These include news and broadcast media, social and digital media, primary and secondary research, organic vs paid search, and client data such as store-level or individual product sales data.