National Storytelling Week 2019

The FTSE50 Clarity Index 2019

To mark National Storytelling Week 2019, we’ve analysed how clear and easy-to-read the ten most recent news releases are for each of the 50 largest companies on the FTSE. We then re-ranked the FTSE50 by clarity, allowing us to create the second, annual FTSE50 Clarity Index. The research and analysis was done by our partners at the University of Sussex Catalyst intern scheme, run out of the Sussex Innovation Centre.

The Index throws up some surprises, including the fact that none of the ten biggest companies in UK plc feature on our top ten list of clearest-talking businesses. To receive a copy of the FTSE50 Clarity Index 2019, please complete this simple form. This will help to prove you’re not a robot and to tell us a little more about you.

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