Learn the art and science of data storytelling with new DATAacademy training app

Using data smarter empowers businesses to communicate better, to innovate faster, and to grow at pace. The trouble is, even the word “data” intimidates most people and many of us feel like it’s going to overwhelm us.

DATAacademy is a new training app, designed to help individuals and teams make smarter use of data. It works on iOS and Android, on both phones and tablets. Through a diverse and growing library of training courses, DATAacademy can help anyone use data smarter – in the stories they tell and in the products and services they develop and bring to market. The app has been created by Sam Knowles, the founder of data storytelling consultancy Insight Agents and author of the books Narrative by Numbers (2018) and How To Be Insightful (2020, both from Routledge).