Insight Agents have worked in partnership with a wide variety of individuals and agencies with diverse and complementary skills. They do things we can’t, and when you put us together, the sum of the parts is very definitely greater than the whole. Allow us to introduce you to them.

Understanding media engagement

Mike Follett is a great planner. We formed an integrated advertising and PR planning team for Tesco in 2010-11, focused on quality and health propositions for Britain’s biggest retailer. Mike has since set up Lumen Research, which uses eye-tracking to understand exactly how people consume media – print, broadcast and online, advertising and editorial. Mike’s work is neatly summarised here.


Tom Pilston is an exceptional photographer. His work – from photo-journalism in the world’s toughest war zones to corporate shots in the boardroom – speaks for itself. We first worked together for Tilda, with Madhur Jaffrey as our guide around the basmati rice harvest and markets of Haryana province in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. Enjoy his portfolio here.


Sophie Taylor makes great films, telling corporate, brand and political stories with a freshness and lightness of touch. Her seasoned team is incredibly easy to work with, and stretches client expectations of what they believe film can deliver. Taylor Made Media’s showreel is here.

Visualising digital marketing performance

Making visual sense of social media Big Data can be overwhelming. Derek Hill – formerly global Director of Return on Marketing Investment for Unilever – has created eBench, an elegant, beautiful and above-all informative platform to make social media performance manageable and meaningful. Learn more about eBench here.

Smarter influencer identification and blogger outreach

Hugh Anderson runs Forth Metrics, the creators of Inkybee, the indispensable route to smarter blogger intelligence, influencer identification and outreach. Great guys, great algorithms, great data. Want to get more out of blogger relations? Inkybee’s your platform, Hugh’s your man. At Insight Agents we get our blogger intelligence from Inkybee.

Digital design, UI/UX

Michael Ruocco is an excellent UI/UX design director, leading teams dozens-strong to develop web, tablet and mobile apps for leading financial and retail institutions. He was in charge of the team that created the award-winning John Lewis retail app. See his work here.