Insight Agents works directly with companies and brands, as well as indirectly, in partnership with PR and communications consultancies. We often serve as the strategic planning function for agencies, ensuring that the content and engagement strategies developed for clients are based on compelling and distinctive insights. These are often rooted in social and digital media analytics.

We worked with the European head office of communications agency WCG, providing strategic planning services from December 2013 to March 2015. In this time we helped:

  • Develop an evidence-based brand story for Bristol Myers-Squibb’s European virology franchise, giving brand marketers the language – and the confidence – to launch its pioneering cure for Hepatitis C on the front foot
  • Change the way Novartis tells stories globally, inside and outside the business, putting patient stories at the heart of the company’s corporate narrative
  • Enable McAfee to understand the different dynamics in social media in the UK, France, Japan and Australia