We develop compelling thought leadership content for our clients. Written in the authentic voice of the business, our content clearly articulates a differentiated point of view on the issues that matter to our clients’ customers. Evidence-based and data-driven, we make sparing use of only the most powerful numbers and statistics, balancing the rational with the emotional. Thought leadership can take many forms, including blogs, bylined articles, entire websites, white papers, and magazines.

We have worked with Ebiquity’s global leadership and marketing team since November 2013, writing and editing viewpoint papers, case studies, and the annual report. We recently created the company’s tone of voice guidelines and a new brand lexicon, deployed for the first time in a completely new website.

For Unilever, we developed the narrative voice and content for the company’s Selling With Purpose portal, telling stories of sustainability across the supply chain, in the both developed and emerging economies.

Other, favourite, thought leadership clients include Firefish, FirmDecisions, National Numeracy – a cause close to our data-driven hearts – global CEO advisory firm Teneo, and the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC).

Insight Agents’ Founder & MD, Sam Knowles, is a prolific blogger and an accomplished speaker. In the past year alone, Sam has given more than 50 talks to a combined audience of several thousand. Hosts have included: the Market Research Society, the Media Research Group, the Internet Advertising Bureau, the Festival of Marketing, the Public Relations & Communications Association, and the International Communications Consultancy Organisation. He also gives regular talks and training sessions to media, marketing, market research, and PR companies and in-house departments.

Sam is also a sought-after guest on podcasts. In April 2016, Sam appeared on The Business of Story, one of the world’s most influential and listened-to business storytelling podcasts. He is the co-founder and co-host of the Small Data Forum podcast.

See and hear Sam in action in two films and a podcast, below. On the left he’s giving the keynote address at the Market Research Society’s inaugural Data Analytics conference in February 2018 on “narrative by numbers”. In the middle, he’s addressing the Irish advertising community hosted by IAPI, the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland in 2015, in a talk called “the future home of strategy in brand storytelling. And on the right is his 2016 interview with Park Howell on The Business of Story.

Hear Sam’s “Hero’s Journey” into consultancy in an April 2016 podcast interview with the Business of Story’s Park Howell