Guest Blog

How can I improve my data storytelling?


Guest blog by Hannah Howes, Sussex Innovation Centre’s Catalyst scheme Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying my ha…

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Speed read: “Narrative by Numbers”


Speed read: “Narrative by Numbers” This post originally appeared on WARC – the World Advertising Research Center database run by A…

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Narrative vs Fact: #SmallDataForum podcast


Insight Agents’ Founder & MD Sam Knowles is a regular contributor to the Small Data Forum podcast, hosted by LexisNexis’ Thoma…

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Economic impact, absurdity and advertising


Sometimes you need to be able to put a value on what you do. It may be a financial value. It may be a social good. It may be somet…

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Carry a big stick


Fear seems a very negative way to sell things. And yet all the evidence from behavioural economists shows that people will do more…

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Insight from the front line


A large department store chain decided that it was time for a refresh of the seats in the footwear section of its shops, with a st…

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We are all storytellers


Recognise this? Unless you speak Anglo-Saxon or your name is Ellen Fremedon, these words might not be familiar to you. They are in…

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